Music for Conscious living . . .

Malimba Records is an award-winning New Age label that specializes in music for relaxation, massage, yoga, the healing arts, meditation and spas. We are committed to creating high quality music that evokes harmony, balance and rhythm in people's lives and work environments.
The cross-cultural richness of our recording artists infuses the music with a variety of world flavors
and a unique sound. We invite you to enjoy it ...

" Malimba Records consistently delivers some of the most soothing, pleasing-to-the-ear instrumental music in the New Age genre."   
- Bill Binkelman, Retailing Insight Magazine
 2 0 1 5  N E W  r e l e a s e s  •  2 0 1 5  N E W  r e l e a s e s  •  2 0 1 5  N E W  r e l e a s e s 

Shastro & Raphael • Zen Moments


Nanda Re • Shaman Earth Dance


Malimba Artists • Music for Massage

2 0 1 4   r e l e a s e s  •  2 0 1 4   r e l e a s e s  •  2 0 1 4   r e l e a s e s  •  2 0 1 4   r e l e a s e s 

Nadama • Ocean Within


Sudha • In Her Name


Shastro • Lovers Night



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New albums now also in original WAV format ... interested? 

Dear music friends,
as of today we are adding a new feature:
on the page where you can purchase the music you will see the option to download the music as a WAV 16 bits file, that means in a uncompressed format that will give you the exact same quality as in the CD (so far we had only higher MP3 format available). For some album - like Zen Moments - we even offer the WAV 24bits file that is a BETTER quality than the CD itself. We are pretty sure that some of the audiophiles among you will be happy to have this option that is not offered ANYWHERE else on the web. As a plus we also added a file with the artwork of the booklet/digipak. The only limitation is that you will need a FAST internet connection to download such large files (between 500mb and 1GB).
We are eager to hear from you what you think about this new option! Please leave us a comment below...
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