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Malimba Records is an award-winning New Age label that specializes in music for relaxation, massage, yoga, the healing arts, meditation and spas or, in other words,  in music for conscious living. We are committed to creating high quality music that evokes harmony, balance and rhythm in people's lives and work environments. The cross-cultural richness of our recording artists infuses the music with a variety of world flavors and a unique sound. 
We invite you to enjoy it ...
" Malimba Records consistently delivers some of the most soothing,
pleasing-to-the-ear instrumental music in the New Age genre." 

                                       - Bill Binkelman, Retailing Insight Magazine

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Shastro • Satsang

Shastro • Satsang

 2016  r e l e a s e s  2016  r e l e a s e s  2016  r e l e a s e s  2016  r e l e a s e s 
Manish Vyas • Healing Ragas III

Manish Vyas • Healing Ragas III

Nadama • Waves of Love

Nadama • Waves of Love

Nandin • Reiki Meditations

Nandin • Reiki Meditations

 2015  r e l e a s e s  2015  r e l e a s e s  2015  r e l e a s e s  2015  r e l e a s e s 
Shastro & Raphael • Zen Moments

Shastro & Raphael • Zen Moments

Nanda Re • Shaman Earth Dance

Nanda Re • Shaman Earth Dance

Malimba Artists                                   
Music for Massage

Malimba Artists
Music for Massage


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Our Blogs

Kalyan blog

You might not be a musician, but musicality is yours! - by Kalyan

I like the expression musicality.
It is all-inclusive and goes beyond the notion of music and musicians. 

Musicality has little to do with any particular style of music. To a sensitive ear, ordinary sounds can be musical. It all depends on you. 

Right now, sit back for a moment and listen to all the sounds surrounding you. Allow yourself to listen out of a relaxed state, without concentrating on anything. I call this ‘open listening’. Include all sounds, whatsoever their source and nature. And include the…

Read more
Sudha w drum 1 of 1

An interview with mantra singer Sudha

  - Sudha, in the last 10 years or so we witnessed a great rising interest in Sacred Chants music. What do you feel it's a reflection of?

I am hoping that is an indication of more and more people becoming aware of the power of sound and the healing effect that music can have. It also feels like it is going a bit hand in hand with yoga becoming very main stream. So the music that is played in yoga classes is now also played at home and in the car. With the world speeding up and up and up in so many ways and…Read more
Shastro flute

Sound, Silence and the exploration of Consciousness - by Shastro

When I was in my late teens and after moving out from my parents home, I was living in a small apartment in Italy that was located on a busy main street. At times when I was in the kitchen preparing a cup of tea or doing nothing in particular, I would notice that the sound of the traffic on the road or the water boiling in the tea kettle was suddenly carrying a particular flavor, very difficult to describe…almost like a mixture of nostalgia and longing: as if every sound had a long tail, like an echo.

Read more
Nanda re 400

A conversation with Nanda Re on Music and Shamanism

- How did you become interested in music and in shamanism?

After I completed my acting degree at the Mozarteum in Salzburg (Austria), I was under contract with the Stadttheater Aachen in Germany for four years. At that time, I already began to feel a strong desire to make music that would have a positive influence on myself as well as on my audience.
I had received a sound musical education at the Mozarteum and at the Orff-Institute when I was a child. Thus, I was returning to my roots when I gave up my…Read more
Sha1 400pxjpg

You, me and the Planet - A letter from Shastro

I was born and grew up in Northern Italy, near Venice, in a city that was well known to be the one that had the least amount of trees and green areas per inhabitant in the whole nation. I remember as a child looking outside of the window, my eyes scanning the skyline searching for the tip of a tree. Finding one, I would let them rest on its green leaves and its branches swaying in the breeze. I was filled with a sense of awe and vastness, a sense of divineness that felt far more real than the Catholic ideas…Read more

New albums now also in original WAV format ... interested?

Dear music friends,
as of today we are adding a new feature:
on the page where you can purchase the music you will see the option to download the music as a WAV 16 bits file, that means in a uncompressed format that will give you the exact same quality as in the CD (so far we had only higher MP3 format available). We are pretty sure that some of the audiophiles among you will be happy to have this option that is not offered anywhere else on the web. As a plus we also added a file with the artwork of the…Read more
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"Whether listening to my spoken words, or listening to a flute player, or listening to the birds in the morning, or sitting by the side of the waterfall and listening to it, the same experience can happen. It happens not from what you listen to, it happens because you listen. Just listening gives you total silence; in deep listening you disappear. The whole art is how to listen.

Once you know how to listen, in deep receptivity, sensitivity, you are not there. The listener is not there, only listening. And when the listener is not there, there is no ego: there is no one who listens, only listening. And then it penetrates to the very core of your being."

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